The Student Desk
Project Contact Person: Jabu Bam
Contact Number: 041 504 4025
Email Addresse:
What is the project about?
The student desk is an effort by CCS to bring more students into the centre for volunteer and mentorship opportunities.  It is the bridge between the centre and students in the Faculty of education and other respective faculties that have an interest in collaborative opportunities between their students and the work of the centre. The student desk is tasked with the duty to bring in students and orientate them around the centre. 
Aim of the project
The student desk aims to:
Inform students about the important work that the centre does in schools from poor social economic areas.  The focus is on bringing students that are passionate about social justice, critical active agency and the overall development of schools for the benefit of the child.  The aim of the student desk is to attempt to assist students to come into the centre to apply their theory to practice by getting involved in a project that speaks to their heart in the centre.  As the student leg of the centre it is tasked with assisting the centre on collaborative engagements with schools and communities.
People involved with the desk
2 students from the Faculty of education
The coordinators of the various projects in the centre