Project Summary: School Based Support Team 
Project Contact Person: Sanet Deysel
Contact Number: 083 390 8483
Email Address:
What is the project about?
The project is about the establishment and functionality of a School-based Support Team (SBST) in every Manyano school. The SBST has a crucial role to play in the support of teachers in managing learners presenting with various barriers to learning.  Teachers, parents, community members, and other stakeholders are all involved in addressing the needs of learners and can, therefore, all form part of the SBST. These functioning support teams contribute towards the upliftment of the teacher, learner, and parents in the community. Various themes emerged from this project, namely capacity development, the monitoring of the SBST in the Manyano schools and advocacy regarding the SBST. 
Aim of the project
  • To establish an SBST in every Manyano school
  • To ensure the functionality of the SBST in every Manyano school
  • To monitor the SBST in every Manyano school
  • To support teachers to effectively address and manage learners presenting with various barriers to learning through the SBST   
Stakeholders of the project
  • Action Learning Set (one SBST representative from every Manyano school)
  • Four SBST Champions, consisting of 4 principals
Successes obtained/events held
An Action Learning Set was established representing the SBST from each Manyano school. From the Action Learning Set, a Key Advisory Set was established to assist with the managing of the project. Regular meetings are held with the Key Advisory Set and Action Learning Set. Meetings are also held with the Champions. An action plan was drawn up and the implementation thereof has started.