Project Summary: Reading and Maths Clubs
Project Contact Person: Nadeema Musthan
Contact Number: 041 504 2049
Email Address:
What is the project about?
The creation, maintenance and development of a space that nurtures the love for reading, writing, and doing mathematics, inside and outside the school, using both school and community resources.  Linking the school environment to the greater community through literacy practices & events are part of the broader vision for the project. 
Aim of the project
The overall objective of the reading and maths clubs is to build a culture of reading and maths for enjoyment within schools and the broader community.
All stakeholders who have an interest in addressing educational challenges of literacy and numeracy, including but not exclusive to:
  • Children within Manyano schools
  • Teachers and principals of Manyano schools
  • Community volunteers and site coordinators 
  • Centre for the Community School
  • Faculty of Education, NMU
  • anyone interested in creating literate and numerate environments
  • Operation
Site coordinators (SCs) have, in all 14 schools, have set up and maintain the weekly, and in some cases, daily running of the reading and maths clubs. Some of these clubs have additional support from the community, but the ultimate responsibility for the running of the clubs lies with SCs. 
The SCs are supported in various ways. 
  • Financially, through the Mott Foundation grant, that allows the purchase of materials, a stipend for the SCs, the development of conducive spaces for literacy and numeracy development.
  • CCS provides spaces for the SCs to build a community of practice and to develop their understandings of best practices in supporting literacy and numeracy.