Project Summary: Site Coordinators
Project Contact Person: Marieke Robers
Contact Number: 041 5041334
Email Address:
What is the project about?
The Site Coordinators are identified community persons by a school to assist the school with coordination of projects in the in- and after-school programmes within the Manyano Network. 
Aim of the project
Aim of the Site Coordinator is to alleviate the work load of the Principal and teachers by coordinating and in some instances managing projects during in-school and after-school projects. 
Manyano schools are the schools in which these site coordinators work.
Centre for the Community School, in the Faculty of Education, Mandela University is a stakeholder
Site Coordinators coordinate the projects that take place in the school during school and in after-school hours. Specifically for the Reading and Math club, the Site Coordinators are the managers. They ensure that learners voluntarily participate in a fun and free space where through games and various activities learn. Also the Site Coordinators do other jobs in the school where support is needed.