Project Summary: Principal Action Learning Set 
Project Contact Person: Bruce Damons and Jabu Bam
Contact Numbers: 041 5043895 and 041 5044025
Email Addresses:
What is the project about?
The PALS programme comprises of six high schools in the Northern Areas of Nelson Mandela Bay (Arcadia, Bertram, Booysen Park High, Chatty, Sanctor and Westville). The partnership with MSECURE’s (formally known as Metro Security) Helping Hands Trust (HHT) and the Centre for the Community School (CCS) is a collaboration at two levels:
  • Golden thread projects – these are projects which are led by the CCS and developed in collaboration with identified stakeholders of the school. These projects are implemented in all schools. The two projects identified are Safety & Security and Teacher Wellness.
  • School-based projects – these are projects which are led and designed by the schools themselves, with support of the CCS and other stakeholders.
Aim of the project
PALS comprises of the principals of the six schools and through this action learning set, the principals besides monitoring and supporting the various projects, explore topics and themes which can enhance their own agency as school leaders. 
Stakeholders of the project
  • The six principals from the six schools
  • Helping Hands Trust, its affiliated companies and organisations
  • Nelson Mandela University through:
  • Faculty of Education – Centre for the Community School; Faculty of Education Students
  • Health Sciences – Community Psychology Clinic; Human Movement Science
  • Educational Psychologist from Stellenbosch University – focusing on leadership and emotional intelligence 

Past Events and Projects that were implemented

  • Leadership Wellness Workshops
  • Vision crafting workshops
  • Two community report back meetings 
  • Quarterly meetings to monitor, support and evaluate both golden thread and school-based projects
Individual School Projects
School Project
Arcadia School Governing Body and parental involvement
Bertram Re-imaging the school management team (SMT)
Booysen Park Rebranding of the school and image in community
Chatty Academic programme around accessing resources for teaching and learning (Rachel Project)
Sanctor Learner wellness – dealing with socio-economic challenges impacting learners performance
Westville Building a strong Alumni and giving the school a face lift