Mott Community Volunteer Programme 
Project Contact Person: Neziswa Mntwini and Bruce Damons
Contact Number: 0733183091 / 0415043895
Email Address: /
What is the project about?
Training 14 schools in the Manyano Network of schools on the recruiting, supporting and sustaining of unemployed community volunteers in a school. The framework of the project is guided by a procedure manual developed by community volunteers who were co-researchers in a study, which formed part of a PhD study. The training is co-facilitated by one of the co-researchers. 
Aim of the project
  • To build  better relationships between the school and the community
  • Train schools, using a process model, on how to go about recruiting, supporting and sustaining the community volunteer in the school 
    Principals and SGB chairpersons of the 14 schools in the network.
Successes obtained/events held
  • Start-up workshop held and manual presented to schools
  • Schools required to begin implementation phase

Any other relevant information:

New SGB elections might require us to do restart the process. We are presently in consultation with schools.