Project summary: The Representative Council of Learners
Contact Person: Qhama Zondani
Contact Number: 0614044846
Email Address:
What is the project about?
The Representative Council of Learners is about building the capacity of those involved in the structure. This is a very important structure in the schooling system as it is one of the few that are centred on the needs of the student. The project is about helping those involved to creatively fulfil their duties whilst they develop into future leaders.
Aim of the project
  • To make sure that RCL structures understand the significance of the structure
  • To assist RCL structure in understanding their roles and duties in the school
  • Create a space for meaningful engagement amongst stakeholders
  • Assist with strategic planning and organising
  •  Improve the learner engagement component of the schooling system 
Stakeholders of the project
  • Learners    
  • Teachers     
  • SGB   
Successes obtained/events held
Preliminary data and narratives on the expectation of learner leaders on the RCL, SGB and the general school environment.
Creation of constitution to govern the RCL.
Creation of detailed Plans of action for RCL to fulfil their duties.