Dr Bruce Damons

Title in CCS: Director

Contact Number: 041 504 3895< /p>

Email Address: Bruce.Damons@mandela.ac.za

Activities/Duties: In collaboration with my colleagues my primary focus areas are:

  • Day to day management of the Centre and performing functions  determined by the Team
  • Managing the schedule of the Centre in consultation with the team
  • Financial oversight of the Centre
  • Member of Faculty Management Committee (FMC)
  • Reporting to: FMC; Faculty Board; CCS Management Committee; Mandela University Engagement Office
  • Fundraising
  • Writing proposals in line with agreed to programmes/projects
  • Interacting with and connecting multiple stakeholders
  • Collaboratively develop the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of the notion of a Community School.
  • Collaboratively develop  courses /modules for offering within the formal curriculum of the Faculty of Education
  • Collaboratively construct multiple forms of knowledge on school improvement
  • Produce scholarly outputs of the work done in the CCS

Personal Quote: "If it needs to change it has to start with me!"

Marieke Robers

Title in CCS:  Manyano Coordinator

Contact Number:  041 504 1334

Email Address:  Manyanocoordinator@gmail.com

Activities/Duties:  Project Coordination; Manyano Network of Schools coordinator

Personal Quote:  Humanity above all.

Jabu Bam

Title in CCS:  Programme Coordinator

Contact Number:  041 504 4025

Email Address:  Bam.jabu@mandela.ac.za

Activities/Duties:  Coordinating programmes of the Centre.

Personal Quote:  "Shut up, listen, engage and work with passion."

Zikhona Wendy Tube

Title in CCS:  Office Manager

Contact Number:  041 504 4021

Email Address:  Wendy.tube@mandela.ac.za

Activities/Duties:  Day-to-day administrative duties of the centre.

Personal Quote:  "Dont aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in,
and it will come naturally. - David Frost"

Mark Lamani

Title in CCS:  CCS Volunteer

Contact Number:  041 504 4046 / 073 555 3667

Email Address:  marklamani@gmail.com

Activities/Duties:  Taking pictures of all projects and workshops, Filling and Archiving of work and pictures, Co-ordinate projects (OASIS), Get CCS on the NMU Portal an Social Media and Update platforms, Looking at the marketing of the Centre within the faculty

Personal Quote:  "With a healthy mind all is possible, conscious thinking, conscious eating
and conscious being."

Nadeema Musthan

Title in CCS:  Programme and Project developer and Leader

Contact Number:  041 504 2049

Email Address:  nadeema.musthan@mandela.ac.za

Activities/Duties: Writing coordinator, Scholorship development

Personal Quote:  "I think we're capable of radically, explosively, dangerously, laughably,
hopelessly, impossibly better. - Umair Haque"