Project Summary: MOTT School Governing Body
Project Contact Person: GM Naidoo  and Bruce Damons
Contact Number: 041-5043895
Email Address:;
What is the project about?
To co-construct an engagement programme which will allow the SGBs of the Manyano Network to effectively deliver on their governance mandate. 
Focus Areas identified by Schools
Number Theme Areas to be covered
1 Roles and responsibilities
  • History of the SGB
  • Compositions
  • Constitution (overview)
  • Stakeholder Responsibility
  • Working as the collective
2 The Constitution and Committes of the SGB
  • Developing a contextually relevant constitution 
  • Purpose of committees
  • What committees do we need
  • How do these committees function and support the school


3 Understanding a vision for the SGB which will foster effective and effective Governance
  • Emotional, spiritual wellbeing of school
  • Finances
  • Community involvement and support 
  • Academic Support
  • Material and infrastructure support
  • Policy development/ relevant to context
  • Building stakeholder relations
4 Drawing up of strategic plan
  • Each school compiling Sakhingomso SGB plan based on the emerging lessons in above themes 
  • Developing a detailed action plan
  • Identifying skills needed to effectively implement plans 
5 Presentation of Plans
  • Community presentation of plans for ratification 
6 Implementation
  • Implementation of plans
  • Skills development
  • Coordinating committee support
    SGB members of the 14 Manyano Schools