Project Summary: Teacher Wellness Action Learning Set 
Project Contact Person: Bruce Damons, Jabu Bam and Mark Lamani
Contact Numbers:
041 5043895
041 5044025
041 5044046
Email Addresses:
What is the project about?
The Wellness Action Learning Set (WALS), comprises of two teachers from each of the six high schools from the Northern Areas namely; Arcadia , Bertram, Booysen’s Park High, Chatty, Sanctor and Westville and it is responsible for co-constructing a teacher wellness program which will be implemented in the schools.  This project is also a Golden Thread Project - these are projects which are led by the CCS, developed in collaboration with identified stakeholders of the school and implemented in all six schools.
Aim of the project
To develop an organic SCHOOL WELLNESS PROGRAM manual that is implementable in schools.
Developing a co-constructed a definition of teacher wellness: The multi-dimensional balance and well-being of a staff member, in all facets of their life, including an awareness of the environments in which they engage.
Develop iterative cycles of engagement to identify a framework for teacher wellness
Theme Framework Areas requiring programmes and support from information collected from schools
Psychological Personal growth; Developing personal/professional confidence; Develop competencies to have a positive influence on learners; Coping skills to manage personal problems; Happiness at school
Spiritual Spiritual awareness and acceptance
Economic Financial planning; Financial literacy; Supplementing income
Physical Physical; exercise; relaxation; nutrition; personal safety; personal wellness lifestyle audit
Social Teambuilding; social clubs; teacher sporting events; holiday incentives
Stakeholders of the project
  • Two teachers from each of the six schools.  
  • Helping Hands Trust, its affiliated companies and organisations
  • Nelson Mandela University through:
  • Faculty of Education – Centre for the Community School
  • Successes obtained/events held
Golden thread projects and Schools Leading Programmes: 
  • Spiritual Awareness, Tolerance and Acceptance – Betram and Chatty
  • Personal and Professional Growth – Sanctor and Westville
  • Financial Literacy: GEPF and Financial Planning – Booysen Park and Arcadia
Successes/ Events of the project:
  • Individual School Wellness projects are determined by individual schools
  • Amazing race 2017 – joint end of year function of the six schools. Building of team spirit and connecting schools to the project